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“My name is Hellen. I am here from Kamuda in TSMP. I am very grateful for this hospital. I started having services in this hospital long ago before this new location opened. Those days when TSMP only had outreach they used to treat the babies and older children and big people. Those day when I had lower abdomen pain and when my children felt sick, this hospital treated me and my children well with good drugs. Also the nurses of the hospital are very good. You bring the child, if its ugly, poorly dressed or not very clean, they receive them very well and teach you how to take care your hygiene and your baby and your family or home. Up to now, the nurses are still very good. While here, they told me about family planning because my husband used to mistreat me and could not buy food or not care for my children. But when I came here they taught me family planning and I took one of the methods in family planning and that has helped me to take care of my children and my home. Now I am healthy and happy, and grateful for this place. While here today, I am taking care of some lady who has delivered yesterday. She bleed so much after delivering but the nurses and the doctors have too much love for their patients and were running up and down to rescue her life without shouting or barking at here or slapping like in other places. So we are very happy and grateful for this hospital. Even when you are staying and you are worried they keep on asking you “how are you”, “what is wrong with you”, so they are very good people. They keep on advising their patients to be happy people, and to not be so worried, and that even when you are sick you will be well. Don’t keep worrying. Even as patients we will become happy and have hope of recovery. They teach that when you are pregnant, do not deliver from home. You have to come to the hospital. And when you are pregnant, they test you, treat you , and give you medicine. The nurses are very very good!" 





“My name is Abitu Joseph. I come from Lalle in Soroti district in Kamuda sub county. Teso Safe Motherhood helps us in HIV testing that makes you to be aware of you status. We also bring women here to deliver and they deliver freely. They do cancer screening and treat our children from age zero to 6 months. We get the services freely without any payments. They are helping us very well. If you feel sick they provide you with medicines and you will feel a great change in your health. They help us in many dimensions. That is the goodness that I know about this place.”  

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